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Welcome to CCS Associates, Inc (CCSA). CCSA is a small woman-owned company providing leading-edge scientific services in drug discovery and development to government agencies as well as to pharmaceutical and biotech industries. We are based in Mountain View, California and Vienna, Virginia.

CCSA employs technology to create innovative solutions and high-quality products. For each project, we consistently apply effective management techniques to meet the project timelines while achieving performance excellence. Each of our clients benefits from our project team’s undivided attention at every stage of the project—from initiation to completion and delivery. Our professional, scientific, technical, and administrative staff works closely together and with our clients to produce on-target project deliverables. These staff members combine their skills, experience, and expertise with high-quality application development practices and creative and innovative techniques to fulfill project needs.

CCSA maintains a corporate commitment to recruit and retain high-quality professional and technical staff. We pride ourselves on superior performance and high standards at all levels in our company.

CCSA’s management philosophy starts with upfront project analysis that determines the level of effort, type of personnel, professional expertise, as well as the logistics support required for each specific project. Having our senior management actively involved in the entire process ensures quality control and client satisfaction. We monitor clients' projects using our own time and budget management system. These highly efficient and proven techniques and processes allow us to continuously identify changes and to make appropriate adjustments to reach the project goals on-time and on-budget.